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Tips from the top!

Welcome to the Pat Cash Tennis Academy app, the app that offers a powerhouse combination of one-on-one coaching and techniques from Tennis champion Pat Cash and biomechanics that add another dimension to learning the game. Pat Cash has been on the professional tennis circuit for over 30 years and has gone from Junior World No. 1 to Wimbledon Champion... and he’s never played stronger! Download the app to learn Pat’s latest tips, tricks and techniques on the tour and find out how much YOU can improve your tennis.

The App features over an hour of video: Whatever your level, Pat shows you exactly how to improve your game, from fundamentals to the most elite tactics the pros are learning today. It’s all there: serve and smash, volley, forehand, backhand, drills... But like any champion will tell you, it’s not all physical. Pat gives an insider’s look into the state of mind of a champion and talks about the best players, shots, and historic moments in his career.

Technique -

In a section that brings one of the most intelligent training systems directly to you, Pat breaks open his top tennis tips using biomechanics to help you maximize the serve and smash, forehand and backhand, and reveals his own secrets for the volley as arguably one of the best volleyers the sport has ever seen.

Essential Tips -

Pat has something for everyone, so feel free to mix and match! Get the best from the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels in this section packed with drills and an exclusive monthly tip that will keep you wanting to practice.

Interviews -

Your ticket into the ‘mind and body’ of professional tennis players, with exclusive conversations with Pat about what shapes a champion, winning Wimbledon, the greatest players and on-court shots, and of course, what would Pat be without some hilarious outtakes!

And more...

Follow Pat Cash on Twitter and Facebook automatically on the App, check out our hosts for the app, the Pat Cash Tennis Academy, and look out for more software updates with more content, news, and surprise appearances from Pat!

So, are YOU ready to improve your tennis?


To avoid the need to be connected to the internet every time you wish to view the App content, the videos are loaded in to the App once during initial installation.

To download this App you will therefore need to connect to the internet via iTunes on your iPhone or Android. Once downloaded, all video content will be available without further internet connection.