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PR: The Other Big Game At Grand Slams

Posted by Pat on 18th January 2015
pat cash graffiti ellesse

Leading up to the Australian Open, as the players are getting their last few practice sessions in and tournament officials juggle through the courts with the final qualifying matches, another big game is being played on the outskirts of the city and it’s not tennis. It’s the PR game. This little seen world of big money, big brands and big names is both fascinating, financially essential and at times frustrating. Sponsors of all sorts are frantically to get their players in front of the media whilst managers and agents are trying to juggle their responsibilities of protecting their players...

A Week With Tennis Champions: Private Planes, Celebrities and Locker Room Gossip

Posted by Pat on 27th March 2014

Well I have had some special weeks during my career and tennis life. But few have been as interesting, exciting and surprising as my recent time in the USA. These past few days have changed my perspective on several beliefs and opened my eyes to some fundamental truths. I guess tennis tournaments, private planes, locker room gossip, celebrities and a group of battle hardened tennis legends reminiscing can do that to you 😉 Due to confidentiality I can’t divulge too many private details. However, I’ll give you a sneak peek into my last two days playing the PowerShares events in...

Tennis Quick Tip – Contact Point

Posted by Pat on 24th February 2014
richard gasquet

There are many misconceptions in tennis. One of them is contact point positions (where the ball hits the strings of the racket in relation to the body). More often than I care to remember I hear tennis coaches blurt out “hit the ball out in front”. 9 out of 10 times this is wrong. I admit there are odd exceptions to the rule but by and large contact points are misunderstood by coaches and pupils alike. It get’s a bit technical but let me explain… Any ball contacted “out in front” is putting the body in a biomechanically weakened position. When you hit the...

History of The Davis Cup [Infographic]

Posted by Pat on 20th November 2013

Check out this lovely infographic about the Davis Cup created by Midwest Sports. The event is very special to me and the Davis Cup wins for Australia that the team and I won are among my proudest tennis moments. If you enjoyed this infographic please share this page with your tennis friends! For more interesting stuff like this you can also follow me on Twitter, Google+, Facebook or...

Surprise Lightsaber Tennis GIF!

Posted by Pat on 20th November 2013

This animated GIF made me laugh. The body language and facial expressions are just priceless. Whoever put this together did a great job! I’m not sure if the racket actually breaks or if it just slips out of her hand. Either way the resulting surprise would be similar. I know I can relate, well not to the actual lightsaber part, but to the feeling of the racket slipping out of your hand. The utter shock and surprise of seeing your racket sailing through the air or smash into the ground is one of those things that has happen to anyone who plays tennis. For a time, some players (myself...

Top Tennis Moments

Posted by Pat on 4th November 2013

People often ask me what my favourite tennis moment is. We’ll I’m pretty biased towards my own tennis matches and victories. My 1986 Wimbledon win over Ivan Lendl particularly but also the two Davis Cup wins for Australia that the team and I won. But rather than talk about my career, I’ll tell you my top 3 favourite “modern” tennis moments that weren’t mine, plus my favourite woman’s match. Also I’ll limit myself to singles only and save doubles for another day:). 2001 Wimbledon Final One that I especially enjoyed was the 2001 Wimbledon final...

Pat Cash Tennis Vlog: Episode 6

Posted by Pat on 1st November 2013

Pat Cash Tennis Vlog: Episode 6 (Visit Cambodia) Here is some more footage from my visit to Cambodia as part of a grass roots charity initiative to promote tennis in orphanages. It was an incredible experience and a privilege to visit the orphanages and have a hit of tennis with the children. We had some fun and I feel honoured to be part of this incredible initiative. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and let me know what you think on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook....

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