Statement about Planet Ark

It is with deep sadness that I find myself writing this statement.

When Jon Dee and I started Planet Ark in 1991, we wanted to set up an organisation that showed people how to help the environment in their daily lives. We wanted to create an organisation that would work with business and the community to bring about strong environmental results.

I am proud to say that we were successful in bringing this about. Planet Ark was supported by some of the world’s biggest celebrities and millions of Australians became involved in our initiatives.

When Jon Dee and I left Planet Ark in 2008, we left an organisation that was highly successful. It was an environment group that had the respect of other environmentalists and the general public. The deal with the forest industry and the controversy around the Peter Maddison TV advert has eroded Planet Ark’s credibility as an environmental organisation.

The Planet Ark board and management team should be held accountable for this decision to work with the forest industry, as well as the sale of Planet Ark Park and any staff redundancies.

Planet Ark needs to return to the values that once made it such a great organisation and withdraw from their association with the AFS and the FWPA.