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As some of you may know I changed my diet a few years ago. I stumbled upon the ketogenic and low carb diet in an attempt to ease pains from old injuries, reduce inflammation, and reduce stress from beating myself up on the tennis court or gym.

The keto and low carb diet has a long list of benefits (reduced inflammation, weight loss, increased energy, and more) and I have been very impressed by the results I’ve experienced.

However, to get the full range of benefits you have to be in a state of ketosis so your body burns fat and produces something called ketones. Unfortunately, unless your a super dedicated athlete it’s tough to stick with the diet. Luckily science has the solution in Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB)…


What is Beta-Hydroxybutyrate?

Some clever scientist have created a compound called Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB). BHB mimics the ketones your body naturally makes and is one of the main keto supplement ingredients. Essentially BHB is exactly what your body creates while in ketosis…. Ketones.

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This means that drinking certain supplements can produce the effects that take place while on the ketogenic diet. So even if you’re not on a keto/low carb diet you can get many of the same benefits.


Pruvit Keto OS Max.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m on a low carb diet and will go in and out of ketosis naturally. However, I’m also a sweet tooth and like my dark chocolate (I’m also a sucker for a creamy tiramisu).

So to get the benefits of the keto diet and eat my cake too I use a few supplements to quickly give me an energy boost and help me reach a state of ketosis. There are a few good products out there but Pruvit’s Keto OS Max is one of my favourites and works great for me.

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Keto OS Max is packed with BHB and other goodies and I’ve found quickly brings me into a state of ketosis, gives me long lasting energy, and perhaps most importantly helps with my recovery after training. I prefer the chocolate version (Swiss Cacao) but I’m drinking it for health benefits not taste so it doesn’t really matter to me.


How I use Keto OS Max.

On a normal day I’ll take a portion twice a day. First around mid morning and again around mid afternoon between meals when I’m working out 🏋️, doing yoga 🤸‍♂️, or playing tennis 🎾. This is when I want ketones in my body to give long lasting energy and reduce inflammation to aid recovery.

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Just chuck one packet which has about 10 mg of BHB in your average size 500ml water bottle shake and go.

If I’m doing a longer training session I will take two servings twice a day. I burn a lot of energy and sweat a lot so the claim of 4 hour elevated Ketone levels doesn’t stack up for me (I check with a blood metre). However, a regular serving is probably enough for most people.

You can read more about Keto OS Max and/or buy it here.



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