London 2012 Olympics: 7 Points on How Andy Murray Beat Roger Federer

Andy Murray’s fantastic if not surprisingly easy victory over Roger Federer has created an interesting battle tactically and mentally with the great man for years to come. As we know the head to head is favorable to Murray especially considering that Murray was a young man in many of the battles. The reality is Murray has some advantages over Federer that came to fruition in this match a few weeks after his defeat for the All England title.

Point 1

Murrays has a psychological advantage as Federer’s knows that he has to play at 100% to out rally Murray on the baseline consistently over 5 sets. Murray like Nadal is fast and gets many balls back and now has the confidence to go for the big shot.

Point 2

Murrays powerful cross court forehand rushed Fed who is always looking to protect his backhand by standing in that corner meaning he is having to play under pressure on the run. Something he can do but not as consistently as he used to in previous years.

Point 3

In windy conditions where the ball is moving in the air Federer is likely to mishit more balls. His risk taking style of play is hard to do in wind. His French open straight sets loss Djokovic in very windy conditions and this loss are arguably the worst two losses in his career.

Point 4

Federer has over the years lost his technique and confidence in his volleys which on a day where he was making mistakes at the back of the court means he no longer has a plan B.

Point 5

Murray won the big points and held his serve in the long tough games. Federer lost a couple of his long tough service games. This made a huge difference as it does in big matches.

Point 6

One thing that is clear is that Fed has not performed well for his country (in comparison to the rest of his career). Playing when you have the whole stadium against you is not easy it makes many a player weak in the knees. Fed is not weak in the knees but has struggled in Davis Cup and struggled with a stadium full of people who wanted him to lose, a rare experience. Switzerland should be a successful Davis Cup nation but have fallen short too often.

Point 7

Federer was a little flat and tired after playing a huge semi final match.

My Prediction?

My prediction? Murray will be number 1 within the year with a grand slam under the belt.

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