• Aug

    How To “Watch The Ball” Like A Pro In Tennis

    Have you ever wondered: “How do the best tennis players in the world like Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic manage to return return 150+ MPH serves from guys like Isner or Raonic?” Or how are they always in the right position to get to seemingly unreachable balls? Or how they manage to effortlessly transition from defence… Read more
  • Jul

    1988 French Open: A Peek Behind The Iron Curtain

      It’s no secret clay wasn’t my favorite surface, but it wasn’t always that way. That’s right, the hardcore serve volleyer you know started out as a young clay courter grinding from the back of the court. It wasn’t until I was a little bit further along in my junior career that Barkers (Ian Barclay)… Read more
  • May

    The Correct Head Position for Better Tennis Technique

    Photo: smarch0987 An important but often overlooked or misunderstood technical aspect of tennis is the position and movement of your head during a stroke. The right technique can prevent injuries while giving your shots more power and control. There is a lot of wrong information out there so in this article and the video below I… Read more
  • Mar

    Tennis 101: The 6 Basic Strokes Explained Step-by-Step

    Photo: ©jfawcette If you’re new to tennis you’ll probably agree that: Tennis terminology and the various strokes can get confusing for a beginner. There are so many terms, definitions, rules, and shots that if you haven’t grown up playing or watching the sport it can all feel a little overwhelming. Since I began sharing tennis tips… Read more