What Is It Like To Win A Grand Slam?

What it’s like to win a Grand Slam and/or Wimbledon is one of the common question I get asked in interviews. Strangely, it’s also one of the worst and most difficult to explain simply.

I think the feeling of achieving the dream you had as a child, the thing you want more than anything, what you’ve been working towards almost your entire life is near impossible to describe. But I’ll do my best to tell you how it felt for me and maybe give you a quick tip that helped me and may help you too.

There are so many emotions involved that it’s very difficult to put into words. However, I suppose the quick and easy way to explain the feeling for me is that it’s a combination of tremendous pride and joy. Pride as I achieved the goal that I was aiming for when I was a young kid. Joy because I got to share that moment with my friends, family and coaching staff.

I also consider myself lucky, despite my many injuries, as I had the right attributes to be able to reach my goal. Many people have dreams, goals and ambitions that just don’t go together. For instance I love playing guitar but I just don’t have the talent or commitment to sound like Eddie Van Halen no matter what I do.

I believe that anyone can have a similar feeling to what I had when winning Wimbledon without being a tennis player or Grand Slam Champion. It’s about finding your true passion and combining that with your natural talents. It’s about Honestly listening to yourself and working towards and with something you love.

Also, here is my Wimbledon celebration climb which was quite controversial at the time. As you can see, I was pretty happy.

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