Tennis Elbow RSI Bursitis

Like all professional athletes know, injuries are part of the game.

The same applies for travel once you get into the big leagues.  The regular movement from one place to another can be challenging.  If you get injured in a country where you don’t have access to skilled healers or remedies, injuries can be a bother. This is why knowing how to fix yourself is a great advantage. In this game of life, if you want energy and spring in your body, you have to look after it!

In a sport like tennis, you need all the spring and energy you can get. Unfortunately, no matter how much I focus on the fundamentals; be it breathing, hydration or nutrition, the fact remains I use my body to move from side-to-side at pace while hitting a ball with one arm and one arm only. As you can imagine, I’ve had some ripper leg and arm injuries!

When I think about it, for quite some time injuries would regularly pop over for a visit and unfortunately for me, invite themselves in. That’s why I’m always on the lookout for self-healing techniques that can help my body heal in days rather than weeks.

This is why I’d like to share a video from one of my trainers down in Australia, Brett Hayes. Brett’s knowledge really is second to none. He is a master healer and an encyclopaedia on the body and natural remedies.  This is one of his videos for tennis elbow. I’m sure you will find this as fascinating as I did.

One of the key lessons I’ve learnt from Brett’s work is the importance of breathing. It’s breathing and relaxing the body as you gently compress the inflamed area that will stimulate the blood flow in and around the joint, muscle or tissue.

To further enhance recovery, follow this up with a long Epsom salt bath (1kg magnesium sulphate per bath) and a big glass of water with electrolytes in it (the juice of a lemon is a natural electrolyte for instance) and feel the power return.