My “Knockout” Bedtime Drink For Better Sleep

I’ve written before about my routines, tools and techniques for perfecting sleep but since many of you have been asking here is the recipe for my “knock out” bedtime drink.

If I’m really in the need of a good night sleep I’ll make a special bedtime drink that during my evening routine. I believe a variation of this drink was popularised by Seth Roberts but I’ve used a version of it for years. When combined with my other sleep tips it has an almost tranquillising like effect that practically guarantees a great nights sleep. Below is the latest iteration.

Mix and stir the following in a cup of hot water or tea and drink right before bed.

Bedtime drink recipe:

A simpler (and better tasting) version of this concoction is just the apple cider vinegar and organic honey mixed together in hot water or tea. Enjoy!



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