Looking after your body

In my mind I see the structure of the body a bit like a bed spring or even a toy slinky, those thin wire springs that bounce down the stairs and provide hours of fun (before they get twisted up and need repair). Let me explain…

In the early years, the springs and our bodies are soft and pliable if not a bit wobbly. As time passes, the springs get a little stiffer and therefore strong enough to support a full grown body on top of them. Over the years, these springs are squashed down and become stiff. As a result, they are unable to spring as they once used to and sometimes they just break. So without some maintenance they can become hard to live with and even difficult to sleep on.

So what if you looked after these springs gave them a good oiling and stretching? Perhaps a twice-yearly overhaul? If you’re lucky enough not to have over used the spring or put too much weight on top you may end up keeping them nice and bouncy through to old age. That is the general principle behind my training.