My First Introduction to Health & Nutrition

At the start of my professional career I began to carefully monitor my intake of healthy foods and supplements, helping me achieve my maximum output. It started back in 1985. I wanted to be the best I could possibly be, so I hired the best there was: speed and agility trainer and nutritionist Dr Ann Quinn.

I started doing scientific muscle balance testing and blood work to analyse and find out what my body was missing and what vitamins, minerals and amino acids I needed to supplement it with. From the results, I was given an almost inconsumable mixture of disgustingly bitter powders that I drank several times a day. Despite the unpleasant taste, I knew the consumption of these vitamins, minerals and amino acids would help my body reach its optimum level. I was the first professional athlete to do this and thanks to brilliant trainers like Ann, I was always at the forefront of the game when it came to fitness.

My work with Ann was my first real understanding of day to day maintenance in nutrition (other than food). This was at a time when nutrition in sport was taking a big leap forward. Years of these supplements has left me in good stead. Maybe it’s genetics but I also believe that developing good habits and a professional attitude has helped me to stay fit in my 50’s in spite of pounding my body for the best part of 35 years.