Alongside my diet and fitness work, I believe it is important to find a spiritual and emotional balance too. I’m a long time meditator and believe this to be one of the quickest and most likely ways to increase your happiness. It also seems to have become popular among many successful people (Djokovic for one). Trust me when I say that this’ll make a big difference in your life if you can stick with it.

Not only do I try to meditate every day, I am always on a quest to discover wisdom and gain new perspectives in life. As much as things have changed throughout the ages, many of life’s challenges have remained the same.

There are many types of meditation, but if you’re just starting out, I suggest you look into mindfulness meditation. Check out this book called 10% Happier for a funny and concise introduction to meditation. There are also a few good apps out there like Head Space and Calm. Also, you can find a free, nine minute guided meditation track on SoundCloud here