How To Overcome & Prevent Mental Fatigue In 3 Steps

Mental fatigue is usually caused by to many things going on in your life without enough time to pause and restore. It’s essentially  brain over-activity. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean bad things (although this could be the case) but just too much of everything. Too much work, too many interruptions, too many decisions, etc. This leads to stress and emotions like sadness, anger or jealously bubbling up leaving you feel drained.

So how can you overcome or even prevent mental fatigue?

Here is a simple three step exercise you can practice to beat and prevent mental fatigue.


How To Overcome & Prevent Mental Fatigue

The key lies in being aware of what is within your control and what is not. It’s about controlling the controllables and accepting that the rest is out of your hands.

Step 1: Make a list of things outside your control

Many things are obvious such as the weather, who your parents are, what your boss is like, getting sick, etc… But as you continue to write your list and really think about it you’ll be surprised at how many things truly are not within your control.

Step 2: Make a list of things under your control

When writing this list you’ll quickly become amazed at how few things are actually within your direct control. In fact if you dig deeply enough you’ll see that almost nothing except a few things like your opinions, reasoned choice, and reactions are within your power.

Step 3: Be mindful when allocating your time and energy

Simply making these two lists will raise your awareness of what is truly up to you and what is not. The next step is to take full responsibility for what they are, allocate time and energy accordingly, and practice letting go of the things you are now aware you cannot control.



Following the three steps above you’ll quickly realise that you don’t truly control much of what’s happening around you or you’re pursuing in life. You’ll see that almost the only thing you do control is how your react to external events and how you deal with your emotions.

This is a powerful insight that’ll allow you to get out of your own head and allocate time and energy with precision. This’ll in turn make you a happier and wiser person with more energy.

In the words of a Greek philosopher born a slave 2000 years ago:

“Some things are in our control, while others are not. We control our opinion, choice, desire, aversion, and, in a word, everything of our own doing. We don’t control our body, property, reputation, position, and, in a word, everything not of our doing…” – Epictetus

Thanks for reading! Now grab your pen and paper and get writing.



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