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Just about everyone has suffered from muscle cramps at some point. As you probably know they’re painful and can put an end to your workout, training session or competition. At the very least your performance will suffer which is frustrating (especially for elite athletes).

During my professional tennis career I didn’t routinely suffer from muscle cramps but the possibility and concern was always there. I’d prepare as much as possible (hydrating, eating correctly, resting, etc.) but despite being one of the fittest guys on the ATP Tour sometimes that wasn’t enough. And once a muscle cramp starts all you can do is hope it passed quickly.

These days I don’t compete or train as strenuously as before but cramping is still a real possibility during tough workouts or tennis training sessions.

As you know I love testing and trying new products and gear so when James Blake told me about a company he’s involved with that can prevent or stop muscle cramps in seconds had to give it a try. Enter CrampsAWAY


What is CrampsAWAY?

CrampsAWAY is a liquid supplement that’s designed to stop muscle cramps in under 60 seconds. It’s all-natural, contains zero pharmaceuticals, and is NSF Certified. In other words elite athletes and regular people can use it without a prescription.

There is a “Pro” version that’s geared towards professional athletes, and a “Sport” version designed for weekend warriors.

crampsaway pro sport


CrampsAWAY Pro ingredients: Organic Agave Nectar, Potassium Sorbate, Purified Water, Proprietary CrampsAWAY blend (Natural Food Acids), Natural Triberry Flavor, Natural Flavor, and Ionic Trace Minerals.

CrampsAWAY Sport ingredients: Organic Agave Nectar, Purified Water, Proprietary CrampsAWAY blend (Natural Food Acids), Ionic Trace Minerals, Natural Orange Flavor, Natural Flavor, and Potassium Sorbate.

I got both versions to test but prefer the Pro version as it’s a bit more potent and is NSF Certified (in case I get drug tested on the legends tour ;). But the Sport version is probably enough for most people.


How does CrampsAWAY Pro and Sport work?

Once you start cramping or as soon as you feel you’re about to cramp do the following to get the most out of each packet:

  1. Open and pour a packet of CrampsAWAY Pro or Sport in your mouth
  2. Swish it around for 30-60 seconds
  3. Then swallow it

Remarkably this will stop your muscle cramp or prevent a cramp from starting.

But how does this work?

When I spoke to Jack Little (CEO of CrampsAWAY) he explained that CrampAWAY’s products are based on research that show that muscle cramps are neuropathway problem rather than electrolyte imbalance or hydration problem.

It is of course essential to be well hydrated and consume the right amount of electrolytes to perform at your best. However the latest research implicates the nervous system as the causation of an Exercise Associated Muscle Cramp.

It’s now believed that a variety of factors lead to muscle stress which sends signals to the spinal cord, which then causes a rapid nerve firing to the stressed muscle. It is this rapid firing that causes the muscle to contract (also known as cramping).

Essentially, the way CrampsAWAY works is by stimulating the nerves in the oral cavity which inhibit the rapidly firing nerve from the spine to the stressed muscle. The muscle cramp then dissipates within 10-60 seconds.


How I use CrampsAWAY Pro.

CrampsAWAY Pro has become a part of my tennis and work out emergency kit. I don’t want to be held back by cramps so I keep a few packs in my tennis and gym bag along with my other gear and supplements. If I go on a tough run or am doing interval training I’ll put a pack in my pocket. At the first hint of a muscle cramp I’ll take one and so far I’ve not had a cramp.

pat cash tennis bag gear suplements


On the ATP Tour guys used to called me a boy scout since I always had backup gear they could borrow (shoe laces, grips, pain killers, etc.). The way I see it, It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

I’m sure Stan Wawrinka agrees with me. He had a backup CrampsAWAY tucked in his bag when he needed it in the 4th set during the 2016 US Open final against Novak Djokovic.

I picked up the 10 pack CrampsAWAY Pro but they’re sold in all different quantities. You can learn more and buy on their shop or on Amazon.



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