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I have had great success during my professional tennis career and I am very proud of my achievements. But how much more could I have accomplished if I was injury free? That is a question I have often asked myself. It’s a pointless question which we’ll never know the answer to. But this question sent me down a path of discovery that led me to Brad Langevad and the keys to improving my tennis while injury proofing my body.


Meet the Biomechanic.

Brad Langevad is a man of science. He has degrees in biochemistry, genetics and physiology and has one of the highest ever registered IQ’s in Australia. But more importantly, he’s a tennis player/coach who wants to help.

Brad has literally helped redesign my technique to prevent injury while increasing the power and accuracy of my shots. Without his help there is no way I would be able to compete on the ATP Champions Tour today. Brad opened my eyes to the secret world of tennis science and biomechanics.

Over the course of many years Brad has scientifically analysed, studied and interviewed hundreds of professional and amateur tennis players. What he found has defined much of modern coaching. He’s now compiled this coaching philosophy into a book now available to the general public.


The Biomechanics of Tennis.

This little known book is hands down the best book on tennis technique and biomechanics out there and I highly recommend you pick it up if you want to take your tennis to the next level. Here is a taste of what’s in the book:

  • How to hit the ball like a professional
  • How to prevent injuries
  • How to get more power and accuracy
  • Insights and analysis such as why Monfils keeps getting injured
  • And much more

You can order the book over at Brad’s website here.

If you want to learn all this and more I recommend pick up this book. You can order it at Brad’s website here.


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